The Iron Saga

Sad but true, my iron broke. I don't mean, oh it stopped working, I mean it broke...while I was ironing. The temperature knob fell out and the metal started detaching from the plastic. (Insert tears of pain here)

Now, if you know me and my family, you will know that I do not iron on a regular basis. Mark goes "casual business" to work...which means khakis and a golf shirt. And you have to be crazy if you think I buy my kids clothes that need ironing on a regular basis. Oh, yes, on occasion there are Sunday outfits that have to be ironed because throwing them in the dryer for a quick few minutes didn't work...not a big deal...but I just don't iron. I thought I was alone on this until I was relating my latest iron saga and soon discovered I was not alone...oh yes, there are others.

I do, however, use my iron when sewing and I prewash the material and need to iron out the wrinkles, etc (the dryer doesn't cut it with just flat fabric for some reason). So, back to yesterday afternoon, I was finishing up Ceili Rain's nursing cover and some stuff for a Christmas party on Saturday (I know it's before Thanksgiving, we're all really busy during the Christmas season and it's nice having time to do it before Christmas, so I guess we could call it a holiday party, except that it's for our Sunday school class and that's sacreligious or something)...anyway. I was trying to get some things ironed to send on to church last night and the temperature control thing just fell out. I thought I could keep going but I just couldn't push it along and gave up.

When I told Mark, I could see the wheels turning as he plotted out how he could fix that he is. But, I politely informed him that thing had to be over 10 years old and was a lower end model and had served us well the 20 times we've used it (in the past eight years). He agreed and I got a $13 iron at Wal-Mart last night. Iron Saga over...I hope.

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  1. Ok. You know I HAVE to comment:) I'm sitting at the table just laughing. And it's not really about the iron falling apart it's about what comes after it. Paul is one of those with a degree in mechanical engineering who must not throw anything out but fix it first!!! I say that tongue in cheek!!! He once chased me around the house trying to get a broken watch out of my hand to fix!! (The hands were floating around the clock face and other parts were floating) and the only way to prevent him from doing that was to flush it. YES. I did. I flushed the silly thing---and got a new watch in the process.
    And I soooo stand with you on everything else. Ironing on Sundays--maybe--and all the time with flat fabric before sewing. Other than that, my iron is very content to hang out in the laundry room closet!!!