After two weeks of canning, we now have a bushel of apples (that's a lot folks) put away! Papa, Mark's dad, orders apples in bulk every year from a place in Georgia. Let me just say that they are not that expensive and they are sweet! Last year, we got a 1/2 a bushel which was enough to see if I could do something with them. This year, we just got a full bushel since I am using more applesauce to make bread and Ceili Rain will need some for when she starts eating. So, I put away over 15 pint jars of applesauce and 18 half pint jars of apple butter (can you say Christmas gifts...if Zoe doesn't eat them first). I know it won't last a year, but at least I have some fresh applesauce, which, to me, is way yummier than store bought applesauce (by the way, we buy the unsweetened sauce with nothing but water and apples).

Next year, I'm hoping, won't involve that much traveling and we will probably increase our order to more than a bushel...we'll just have to see. I think Mark's glad to have the apples out of the fridge!

I was laughing last night as I was canning apple butter and wondering out loud, "If someone had told me eight years ago that I would be canning applesauce to make my own bread..." I really just don't think I would have believed it. Of course, I wasn't going to stay home nor homeschool either...That just teaches you to never tell God, "no" when you haven't asked Him first!


  1. I'd like to know where you order your apples from. I really miss canning and my huge garden from NY. We haven't had one near as big here to can from. anyway, I get apples here but the men in my house are picky and the ones I pick up just aren't as good. Doesn't help that we have an apple orchard in our family where we used to pick fresh apples from or a huge roadside farm market that we got all our fresh produce at to eat and can!!! We miss that. Enjoy your applesauce and the "fruits" of your labor. Nothing beats that!!

  2. All I have to say is 'never say never'. That is the phrase that I have had to live by. There are many things that I too thought I would NEVER do. My granny used to can everything and there is certainly nothing better than homemade canned applesauce. I can just taste as I am writing. Enjoy!!!!

  3. Hey Abbie...

    Here's a couple of "nevers" I said....

    1) I said I would "never" go back and live in Murray. (Check...did that.)

    2) I said I never wanted to live at the farm (Check...did own here indefinitely...) You was a nice place to visit, just didn't want to live there.

    Oh how our ways are not God's ways and our plans his plans...