Black Friday

Oh yeah, count me as one of the "crazys" getting out at the crack of dawn (actually around 5 so it was before dawn) and maneuvering my way through the crowds to get deals and things I needed for Christmas and beyond. At least I wasn't like the people I saw Thursday night camped out at Best Buy (with tents and all).

Anyway, I got some good deals and finished up some Christmas shopping. I was flying solo as Mark stayed home with the kids (I'm crazy but not crazy enough to bring them out that early) and my family was away, far away from our germs!

My prize finds were vaccum cleaners for the kids at $9 a piece. I'm not talking about play vaccuums either. These are the real deal. I thought about wrapping them up and giving them to them for a Christmas gift, but then wondered how they might look back on that when they get older and realize it was for work, not play. There were three different colors too. My only regret is not getting Josiah one. He got pretty testy when everyone else had one and he didn't. I told him not to fret, they would all get to use them.

When I brought them in, the kids thought it was Christmas and got all excited. They had to vaccuum and continued to do so while I took a shower. Ahhh, my floors are so clean now. They haven't gotten to vaccuum today but have been asking for it all day.

Child labor...nah, it's all for fun right?!

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