Weekend Trip

Now to our regularly scheduled picture updates...here we are visiting Ge & Granddaddy and going to Granddaddy's football game. They won and they won last night too. Their record stands at 7-0. The most a team has scored on them in one game is 10 points. Not bad, eh??

My boys love them some football. Actually, Zoe does too. She can follow it better on tv and enjoys a good game but Bama is her favorite. She'll start asking us as soon as she gets up this morning when Bama is going to play and won't stop until they come on (by the way it's an afternoon game). Anyway, I couldn't get a picture of Zoe because she would walk the aisle following the team. Here are all the boys enjoying the game though.


Liam is the most enthusiastic of football of all the boys.

Ace likes to look for Granddaddy on the sidelines.

Playing outside!

They found roly-poly bugs (pill bugs) and were touching them and making them roll up.

Golf anyone??

My friend from high school and her little baby. They, along with her husband, drove over an hour to visit. It was such a good time and her little one is soo cute! Thanks C & C and K for coming!

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