The Van...

is home. We got it today. I'm so excited. It's a 12 passenger van. Crimson, as I like to say. The only down side is that it's the same color as another family at our church, but theirs is bigger (#12 is due in November) and has a different passenger door on it's a little different Cindy!

Anyway, God has really provided for us and we feel so blessed. He has guided our steps in this purchase and we have (okay some of us better than others...Mark over me) patiently waited for this van. It was a private sale and we had to drive to Atlanta to test drive it last Monday. However, we didn't have the paperwork to complete the sale, nor could we pick up the van until the next week with our Canada trip. The van did not sale, even with two other interested buyers later in the week last week. Mark was able to contact the seller on Monday when we arrived in D.C. (another story) and confirmed the go ahead with it.

Mark drove the van home and said it handles really well. I'm hoping for a little practice before striking out on my own. We'll see how the kids wake up. If I don't get practice before my doctor's appointment, I'll just make sure I park where no one can hit me and where I can't hit anyone.

Canada pictures coming sometime tomorrow, with everything else!

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