Just a Little Baby Update and Adoption Update

First adoption. I'm sure most of our friends thought that we had dropped this off...but alas, no. We've been trying to get our physicals done for our homestudy. Mainly the paperwork. And don't we all love going to the doctor. Fortunately, at my last ob visit, my doctor took my forms and I got them back from him this week. I've now given Mark the mission of going to the doctor after work on Tuesday. Wish him luck. He's used to all this and has to get a physical every year or so for work, so it's not a big deal for him.

And Baby #5 (or Johnny...whatever) is moving and grooving and giving me a few jabs here and there. I''m right at 17 weeks and yes, that is early to feel the baby move. However, I've felt all our babies move right around this time. I thought it might take a little longer since I have, ahem, extra baggage, but nope, I can feel him just fine. I've never really felt the "butterflies" feeling but it's usually a roll or push or little kick or jab. And yes, I know the difference between gas and moves, so don't think I'm overreacting. Even Mark felt Zoe move right around 16 weeks. She kicked him pretty hard one night and he felt it through clothes and covers. So, I'm not exaggerating. Only a 23 more days left to vote on whether the baby is a boy or girl.

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