In His Steps

Josiah wants to be just like his big brother. Case in point: Josiah decided to play in the pantry while I prepared lunch (of course, I'm standing right there). No harm, I thought. Then Ace came to get the plates on the table announces, "He spilled it."

Josiah had grabbed the olive oil and opened the bottle (which I've now realized is very easy to do) and poured it on the floor. As I'm trying to clean it up, he tries to stand in it. What a beauty!

All this on the day that we are having a new family from our church over. Lovely...gotta run do the bathrooms before I have the kids clean up.

And, it's nice to see I have seven loyal readers...I didn't count Mark and me...judging by the votes on what the baby is.

Now, I really must go get the flyswat from whoever has it.

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