Here are the Twins!!

I harbor a secret desire to raise twins. I was really hoping that we would be able to adopt twins, but right now, Mark says no, since we'll have a little one with the one we'll be adopting. Anyway, you can only guess how much fun I had playing with my new nephews. Well, not really playing but looking at them. I even got them both to smile...which was really cool. I don't have any pictures of Mark holding of the things you realize after you leave. However, he didn't hold them too much which was probably good since he had some kind of food poisioning/headache induced explosion on Saturday night. After his release, he felt much better though.

Big sis O holding N.

One guess who my baby lover is...

Yep, babies are right up his ally. While Zoe and Liam were content to hold one, Ace had to hold both of them and give equal lovin'. He really didn't want to give them up. That's Ace with N on top and Ace with TJ on bottom.

Liam thought they were pretty cool too.

So cool that he wanted to poke their eyes out! I don't get this weird fascination with poking baby's faces. Liam gets points for being able to tell them apart...or have really good guesses. He was able to guess/tell them apart when Grandmere was holding one and Aunt B was holding the other. Pretty impressive. Now he calls all babies TJ and N.

Zoe was content to hold on to N for a little bit and get in a photo op.

Sorry, we didn't allow Mr. Josiah to hold any. He did come over and "give some love" by way of the manly pat (hit) and that was about it.

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