Josiah's Nine Month Check Up

Josiah had his nine month check up. He's doing great in some areas. Including babbling and making eye contact. He's also sitting up very well.

However, we have two areas of concern which in turn are prayer requests from us.

First, he's lost weight. He's down to 18 lbs., 4 oz. from 18 lbs., 11 oz. at his six month check up. Realistically he should be three or more pounds heavier from six months. Dr. B tried to reassure me that he's been sick (but not that much). We talked about how he's been eating baby food really well. He eats about two to three times a day. He's taking most of our table foods blended up and loves them. In fact, he refuses to eat pureed/liquidfied baby food now! He'd rather eat food with texture and more flavor. He eats about 4 oz. of baby food at each meal...and more at breakfast as he has cereal mixed with fruit.

He also nurses five times a day. He was on a nursing strike but that was for only two days and he still nursed a little each of those days.

So, Mark and I are a little perplexed about why he's losing weight. Dr. B. told me to "slap some butter on his veggies" and I will willingly oblige! I also picked up avocado (yuck) at the store and am mixing it in with his foods twice a day. I'm trying to give him foods that are high in fat but healthy.

His height has dropped in percentages, but he has progressed. Dr. B said this is a good sign that it's not his thyroid or a growth hormone problem.

Secondly, he's not crawling nor making an attempt to feed himself. He tried to pick up food but it's almost as if he doesn't register he has it in his hand and opens it. Dr. B said he's a little weak/floppy (but not like cerebral palsy floppy) on the upper half of his body. We're looking for/thinking about ways to help him strengthen his upper body.

As I said before, Dr. B tried to reassure me that everything was okay. But, at the same time, she wants to see him in six weeks for a weight height check. Dr. B doesn't do anything over the top and wouldn't want to see him unless there was a real need or pray.

Here are my sweet baby's stats:
18 lbs. 4 oz. (10-25% down from 65%)
29 1/2 inches long (90% down from 95%)
18 3/4 inches head (97% up 7% :)


  1. Well, he may not have gained any weight, but he is still the cutest nine month old I have seen lately. I will be praying that his weight picks up for his recheck in six weeks.


  2. Thank you so much for the sweet comment and prayers!