On the Hunt and More...

We traveled to downtown to go on an Easter Egg Hunt. Zoe and Ace really got into the hunt and loved grabbing up eggs. Liam, not so much. I think he thought it was too much like "clean up time." And so, he protested the whole idea. He liked seeing that there were prices (junk) in the eggs but only wanted to get that out, not actually pick up eggs. After going on the hunt, we went to Fort Discovery. It's a National Science Museum and we all had such a good time. We only got to play on one level because the elevator was broken and if you think I'm lugging two kids in a double stroller up stairs...you're crazy! Oh, Zoe and Ace wanted to get their picture made with "the bunny" as they called him. They had no clue who he was supposed to be. Personally, I find a mutant bunny to be a little scary. Oh well.

Zoe and Ace searching for the perfect egg.

"What am I supposed to do??"

At Fort Discovery...

"Cifford, mommy, Cifford." Apparently, Clifford needed to hold Liam for a little bit.

My children--magnetic forces of nature!

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