Creative Correction

I have discovered that we have one of "those" kids. You know, the ones that throw toys, objects, etc when they don't get their way. He also hits. If you must need me to tell (like most of you can't guess), it's Liam. It's mostly at tantrum stage that he starts this, so I really am at a lost what to do. He's already broken a glass and toys because of this behavior. I asked the experts (okay, one, my mom) and they (she) didn't have a clue what to do.

So, last night, we flipped through Creative Correction by Lisa Welchel to see how to thwart the behavior. One of her suggestions was to send him outside until he can change his attitude. This being done with the purpose of removing them from where they are getting attention (if I walk away from Liam he follows and continues).

I can't really send Liam outside because he'll play. I don't like for them to go outside without me anyway. So, our solution is this (please don't think me cruel). We set up the playpen in our closet and yes, it's that big. When he starts a major tantrum, I send him there for a couple of minutes and then talk to him. So far, it's working! I do give him a warning. I do not close the door or leave the light off. He's just removed from the rest of the household and in a safe place.

Next up, Zoe and Ace have been using ugly words to each other. I've thought of this before but forgot about it until last night. So, when they use ugly words to each other they have to literally hold their tongue. "Keep your tongue from evil..." Psalm 34:13

And finally, Ace has been having a real hard time with his attitude and chores. I read in Creative Correction about adding chores to his list every time he pitches a fit about doing his jobs. These are extra jobs on top of his regular jobs. Needless to say, I have some clean windows and the living room is dusted! Mark's getting help with the trash and Zoe got to skip carrying her clothes down for laundry day! I'm going to have some shiny windows out of all this since he can't really do or reach a lot for his chores.

Just thought I'd share some new discipline's been a little bit easier around here today :)


  1. Let me know if you find something that works with the tantrums. Ryland threw himself on the floor and was trying to bite the carpet in James's grandad's house today. Lovely way to meet the family...

  2. Hey Abbie, I love Lisa Whelchel's book! I actually thought about getting that out today because Tyler has been hitting Kayla and they have both been talking ugly to each other. I love the playpen idea!!! I wonder if that would work for potty training!