Bread Making Update

Well we were supposed to get our grain a couple of weeks ago, but I chose to dispose of my inner contents and didn't want to infect anyone with the same, we ordered our grain (just a small amount...shipping can be killer) and are waiting on it to come in. My sister-in-law recommended these tin pans instead of using the aluminum ones (the ones you find in a store) since they don't go well with fresh flour AND have been linked to Alzheimer's. In the picture below, we have the mill, kitchen scale (purchased at Wal-Mart, so I don't have a link for it), and a cookbook from Bread for Life plus my shiny tinplates loaf pans. They're shiny because I haven't actually done any of my messy cooking.

I've tried one recipe from the cookbook using store brought whole wheat flour and I think it turned out good. We haven't actually got to try it.

I decided to make Hot Cross Buns for breakfast this weekend. While this has nothing really to do with my bread making other than I go a little more practice with yeast, here are the results! These buns are adapted into a Christian tradition and are typically served (mostly in the UK) on Good Friday. I didn't realize it would take overnight, however, so we didn't have them until Saturday morning. I, personally, didn't think they turned out right because they tasted like rubber but the kids and Mark seemed to like them. At least they look pretty.

Side note: I understand that most people won't be interested...but I figured my sister-in-law would like to see it this one's for you Betsy!!

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