Getting Healthy...I hope!

I started reading a book by Rex Russell called What the Bible Says about Healthy Living. I highly recommend it. With all that my dad has been through and considering that there is a history of Alzheimer's, diabetes, and heart problems on both sides of my family, I've been convicted about living a healthier lifestyle (no more midnight runs to raid the kitchen kind of change).

I have to say that Mark is a big supporter of my plans. I'm not talking about dieting or cutting out something. Just changing our eating habits. We'll see how it goes.

Rex Russell's book is good and built around three principles that I can't remember at the moment but are based on the Levitical laws...not by means of salvation (that only comes through Jesus) but really based on his examination of why God set forth the food laws to begin with. He really breaks it down in the book to discuss what God said not to eat and using scientific facts to break down the whys. As well as what God told the Jewish people to eat and why that is good for you.

So, that being said, we are on a quest to start a new adventure within this one...and that involves making our own flour. You'll have to read the book to find out where we got the idea for it. But, my sister-in-law already makes her own flour so she's been a big help. Besides the health benefits, the costs should come out better for us too. We can buy whole grain wheat for about .50 a pound as opposed to flour in the store (I've always bought unbleached...who wants to eat bleach...yuk) for more. I'll have to post more on our adventure once we get started!

We've been looking into buying a 1/2 a cow of beef since last year. We've heard from several people that grain fed beef tastes way better and it's also better for you. However, we just haven't had the space to freeze it. We should be getting an upright freezer soon and then we'll be able to buy the cow...when it becomes available.

I'll post more on our healthy makeover as it develops! Wish us luck. For now, we're eating more fruits and working on eating more veggies (without having to force Ace to eat them).

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  1. awesome! My sister in law grinds her flour (recently started), and I asked her why, b/c it seems like such an odd thing to do. But she said that when she was at a friend's house who grinds her flour, it had such a better texture than store-bought whole grain. She was like "I can do this!" So she does, and I totally agree that it has such a great texture and flavor. And she has seven kids ("so far") so I'm sure they go through it fast.

    Good luck on the new adventure! I'm sure you'll do great. I'm sure your dad's experience is a great motivator. I'm SO happy that everything turned out so well for him.

    How's MOPS?!