When all else fails...just sling me!

Apparently, the word is out in church nursery that if Josiah is fussy, just throw him in that "thing" to get him quiet. That thing is the sling. And it's worked. I'll walk in and find really dedicated volunteers from young and old trying to figure out how to put it on and put him in it. And when they get him in it, he's quiet, content and goes to sleep.

The funny thing is I hardly use it now unless we're out and about and I need two hands. But, I guess it just gives him that peace in the craziness of the nursery. I'm very grateful that there are volunteers who are willing to take care of my baby and do whatever it takes to get him quiet.

More on the Reunion/MOPS and life in general to come!!!

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  1. Hi there
    I really enjoyed my first visit with you! Your daughter has found her groove it seems! teehee. Lovely!
    Nice to meet you