Well, today was quite a busy day. I can't go into a lot of details. Let's just say, I spent the day with two friends "doing unto others as I would have them do unto me." I am grateful to all my friends who allowed me to do that by watching the kids. It was tough work, but worth it in the end.

It was also a day when God reminded me, once again (He has to do this often), that His ways are not mine. Ughhh, it's hard when he changes my plans, but it is a blessing all the same. He did that when He gave us Zoe...and what a blessing she has been. I guess I really do like it when He changes my plans...and I'm being sensitive enough to see where He wants me to work. It adds "spice" to my life :) So, thank you God for allowing me to work where you are no matter how dirty I get in the process!

I have to say that the kids were wonderful and very adaptable...although very tired because nap time was the trip home in the car and that was only 20 minutes.

Paci Update:
Liam had a tough time last night and of course, no problems during nap this afternoon due to being in the car. Last night, my smart little explorer kept trying to stick things in his mouth to simulate paci. He then started trying to dig around at the head of his bed for a rogue one but he couldn't find it. One of us is staying in the room with him until he get adjusted to this big change.

We've moved Josiah's bed away from ours to see if that will help him sleep better...of course, lazy me will still probably curl up with him in the morning in my last great attempts to get some shut eye. So, he'll probably be in our room for a little while longer. He goes to sleep so much faster and earlier than the other boys, that it will take some time to adjust. Plus, I don't trust Liam in the same room with Josiah right now. Josiah's going to have to learn to fight back before being in a room alone with Liam.

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