Market Day with Ab's Fam

Saturday, during Labor Day weekend, we headed to Market Day to help my folks set up their booth. My dad turns pens using a lathe. I'm working on his work blog and you'll be able to go here to see some of his work. It was a wonderful day to be out and about. A little humid but very nice and we got a few showers to cool us off. It was so nice to be able to not only visit with my parents but my sister and her family as well. The above picture was the wonderful work of Mark. I would have given up not beping able to get a perfectly posed picture but he saw the cuteness and snapped away. Aren't they all adorable!?!

Josiah had to give Granddaddy some smiles before he headed to work on Saturday morning. We went to bed at 1 and dad wasn't even in and then he had to get back up and head to work and then to the Market...needless to say, he took a nap that afternoon.

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