Summertime on the Canal

This past Friday, there was a great little festival near the river. We live near a man-made canal that has seen a lot of renovation over the year. The canal has contributed a lot to the history of our area. It's so beautiful. The festival was a lot of fun but overwhelming for Zoe and Ace. Mark and I realized we haven't taken them to a festival in a long time. They wanted to do and see everything! We never got to the music, which was what I wanted to sit and listen to. Oh well!
Enjoying story time with one of our children's librarians! I must confess...we had signed up to attend story time this summer but have yet to make it to a storytime! Wonder why!!??

The "wild child" himself climbing the big slide! No fear!

Zoe doing a nose dive on the slide. Apparently, the slide was not very slippery, and she tried to go face first...and succeeded. Did she cry?? Nah, she got up and went down it again.

Visiting with a duck...none of the kids were even partially afraid of him! They wouldn't touch him though.

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  1. Abbie,
    The pics are great but the one of Zoe doing the nose plant made me laugh out loud! Very funny story!