Let 'em see ya read...

"The experts" all say that to encourage your children to read, they should see you reading. However, "the experts" don't tell you that when you are trying to read, the children will clamour all around you with questions and comments about anything and everything. I pointed this out to Mark as I attempted to read a little in a Mitford book (which I have been trying to read for a month now and I'm now on chapter two!). As soon as they heard the gentle whirrrrr of the pages, they were on me like mosquitoes in the south!

Zoe smiled at me and asked, "Mom why do you read that book without talking." Aha! There it is. Now, I know the reason they swarm when I open a book...they don't realize I'm reading and they want me to read whatever it is out-loud to them!

Okay, "experts" you need to give a little more information when doling out advice!

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