The Last Day...

Today is the last day before school starts. Now, by school, I actually mean, preschool or Pre-k as it's called here. Zoe and Ace had a lot of fun changing classes at church. Zoe is old enough, now, to attend the Fun Day at church and was able to get soakin' wet and play with some friends. We got to see puppets tonight at church as well.

We need lots of prayers as we attempt to have school with Liam running around. At least I can get a good two years in on this before the "official" schooling begins! Zoe is super excited and so is Ace. He'll be following Zoe along but will probably repeat the same info next year.

I'm off to finish up last minute planning! I'll have photos tomorrow of our first day.


  1. are you home schooling? did I somehow miss that? if so, let me know how it all goes and good for you!

  2. We are so pleased that our grandkids training is grounded in biblical principles!
    We pray that you will have a good and godly first day!
    Papa and Grandmere