For some reason (mostly, because we let the kids play with it) we have to replace alarm clocks frequently. Last week, our alarm clock's digital display went completely out. A little freaky but fortunately, the alarm did go off to wake Mark up a little bit. And, of course, an alarm clock isn't really good if you can't see it. I ran the purchase a new one. We have two criteria for an alarm clock...dual alarm and radio (and a digital display would be nice.).

I grabbed the first one I found. $10 and we got home and set it up. It seemed to work good. The numbers were pretty bright but we thought it would work.

Well, the radio only played in sleep mode. When the alarm went off the next morning Mark and I both about wet the bed! It was loud. You know the alarms they sound in the WWII movies during a bombing raid...that's what it sounded like!

Since Josiah is sleeping with us and we didn't want to die of a heart attack early in the morning, we thought it would be good to try a different one. We tried the clock/radio that had been in the boys' room before the speakers went out on it (and Liam didn't play with that one). It didn't work.

So, Mark ran out and got a new clock last night with all the me a little touchy feely break (Josiah only took naps in the sling yesterday...and so far today too). It worked great...not too loud and very cool. It set itself! How neat is that. You have to set the day and time and time zone but it was already preset and it came right on when I plugged it in. You can also set the days you want the alarm to go off...Mon-Fri or Mon-Sun or Sat & Sun. Mark is definitely buying our alarm clocks from now on!

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