This weekend

Phew! We were busy this weekend. We'll start with Friday.

Friday, I took the kids over to my friend's house for a grand 30th birthday party for her. We celebrated by throwing the kids in her kiddie pool and talking while they splashed and yelled. Josiah was a bit grumpy but settled down as I rocked him. It was a great chance for us to visit and celebrate her big birthday milestone. That evening we settled in with a wonderful meal prepared by another friend and watched a movie with the kids. It was hilarious and the kids really enjoyed it, too. The boys took a bath in their new bathtub and Zoe got her own bath in her room. They all really enjoyed it and it cut our bedtime routine in half!!

Saturday, we got up early...ate quickly, dressed and then headed to church for directory pictures. After making them very angry because we would not purchase any of the pictures (over priced and not very good...what do you expect from a 2 week old...and children who were rushed in to get pics.), we split up. Mark, Zoe, and Liam headed to a pool birthday party for one of her friends and Ace, Josiah, an dI headed to a birthday party for one of Ace's friends. Everyone was pooped when we got home. Quick naps and Mark working hard to get the demoed bricks in the dumpster and then we ate yet another wonderful meal provided by one of our wonderful friends.

Sunday was church and we also had to say good bye to our church's youth minister and his family. They are heading to Tennessee to be in charge of a youth camp there. I have grown quite fond of the youth minister's wife and have truly looked up to her as a mom and a woman! It was tough saying good bye.

We have been so blessed to have meals all last week provided by our SS. I feel kind of bad because I'm up and running but admittedly by the end of the day cooking supper is soooo far from my mind. I get so worn out. It has been a true blessing. We'll get meals through this week too thanks to several MOPS moms!!! And then next week we're really on our own with least it's in the freezer and is going to require very little thinking on my part.

No pics from this weekend (kind of hard for the camera to be in two places at once) but I'll try and get some this week.

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