Quick Update

Josiah is doing beautifully. He is adjusting well to our home and has slept great so far. Zoe, Ace, and Liam are enjoying him but wish he would play more.

I need prayer, however. About Sunday, my feet starting itching and by yesterday, I have broken out in hives on my feet. Today they have spread and are on my legs and now my thigh. We purchased some anti-itch cream today and that has curbed the itching for the most part but the hives are still there and spreading. I intend to call the doctor in the morning to see if this is a post-pardom thing or if I'll have to see a doctor in a germy office to get some relief. I've read online that this could be a post-pardom issue in some women due to the funky hormone levels. Please pray that it goes away or I am able to take something that will help it go away. It is not only uncomfortable but painful. I can barely wear flip flops and shoes are out of the question.


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