All of Ace's Birthday Celebrations

So, on Thursday, Grandmere got up and took Ace to breakfast. A nice treat for him! We then packed up and headed to the free movies that our theater offers during the summer. We met up with some MOPS moms and enjoyed a movie and then headed to ice cream...for lunch. After that, we went home and ate crackers and chicken salad and then went to nap time. Did I remember the camera? Nah!

When Mark got home we ate supper and then feasted on cake ice cream and a surprise store cake from Mark. Then Ace opened his presents from us, Grandmere and Papa , and his Aunt & Uncle from Mark's side.

Woohoo! An Alabama jersey.

For those that wanted to know what we got was a basketball goal! And he and Zoe and Liam loved it.

Saturday was the day of Ace's party. We were supposed to go to a local park complete with two playgrounds and a nice water fountain to play in. Unfortunately, the morning dawned with clouds and then rain! Yuk! So, we changed locations to our house. The prince party was celebrated as at least 13 kids ran to and fro in our home. Loads of fun.

Ace loves babies and one of his friends' little brothers came along to the party!

Yo ho a pirate's life for me!

One of our friends holding a friends' little sister.

Enjoying a romp in the boys' room.

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